A1 William c1790 Wilcox
and ___?

B1 Matthew 1812 Wilcox
and  Sarah Spry

C1  Matthew 1838 Wilcox-Spry
and  Martha Roberts
and their seven children...

D1-D7  -  The Wilcox-Roberts
Some of our family names:
Alcantara Arce Atkins Bell
Bielich Brenner Chapman
Cooper Cottrell Crenshaw
Crocker Cullen Davis
Davies Dickerson
Dominguez Figuerola Flint
Godman Guard Guzman
Herrera Hill Jaramillo Jones
Lewis Luxton Mackay
Mandriotti Moettei Nelson
Palacios Philipps Phillips
Price Rebagliatti Reed
Rideout Ridler Roberts
Sandoval Sañudo Smith
Smythe Spry Steel Stevens
Suito Summerfield Tarrant
Tataje Thomas Vives Wally
Waters Watts Webb
Wilcox Williams Woolcott.

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10 Generations by color.
wpe10.jpg (5708 bytes)
Partial view of Matthew
1912 Wilcox and Sarah
Spry's Wedding
Certificate of 1837.
[Provided by Bill Herrera]
Church where Matthew
1812 Wilcox and Sarah Spry
were married in 1837.
[Taken from the Internet]
The First Four Known Generations
Matthew 1812 Wilcox
Sarah Spry
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